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Want to Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight? Start Cooking

Quit smoking and start cookingEveryone knows that quitting smoking can have unwanted effects on the waistline, you’ve probably already seen plenty of stop smoking tips about exercise and cutting calories. But the sad fact is that these simple steps don’t work for everyone. Because of physiological changes that occur when you stop smoking, your body may be driven to gain weight no matter what you do. Consider it one of stop smoking side effects, so to speak.  Fortunately, though, if you go beyond the typical diet and exercise stuff, there are things you can do to stop smoking without gaining weight.

Why does weight gain happen?

No one gains this weight on purpose. When you quit smoking, your metabolism slows down, and it can take weeks for your body to catch up to the change. That’s why these extra pounds sneak up on people, even people making conscious efforts not to gain. It’s all deeply tied with your physiological processes, and your modest efforts to regulate your weight are not nearly enough.

Plus, as you’re probably aware, when you quit smoking, your unfulfilled cigarette cravings will start to morph into these huge, all-encompassing cravings. You’ll feel like there’s a world-sized hole inside of you that can never be filled. For the few weeks when this phenomenon is at its worst, you may be tempted to try to fill this hole with food. Obviously, this is not a good way to quit smoking with no weight gain.

In any case, due to the metabolism changes, your body will want to gain weight no matter what you do. You just have to stay one step ahead.

What can you do about it?

When you quit smoking, your senses of taste and smell will suddenly come to life in a way that you had not thought possible. While it’s not quite as dramatic as, say, being blind and having your sight restored, it is sort of like that. You’ll be able to taste subtleties of flavors that you have not experience for years, maybe even since you were a child.

On first glance, this may seem like a problem when it comes to the whole stop smoking without gaining weight thing. If food tastes better, won’t you be tempted to eat more?

Maybe, but try this: Become a foodie. When you quit smoking, commit yourself to taking a real interest in fine and healthy food. If you can’t cook, learn how. If you can cook a bit, make yourself better. Make foods that take full advantage of your renewed taste buds.

This will work if you do three things:

  • First, don’t eat out. Restaurants, and especially fast food places, tend to serve huge portions, and that’s how many people gain weight. Eat at home.
  • Second, avoid pre-cooked meals or products with preservatives. Make everything fresh.
  • Third, eat small portions. It helps if you’re cooking for more people than just yourself. And it’s also good to save half of everything you cook to have left over.

If you do these things, and if you invest time in holistic methods to quit smoking like stop smoking hypnotherapy, you’ll be able to keep the right attitude, and you’ll come out on top of your nicotine addiction.

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