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The Best Way to Stop Smoking: Cold Turkey, with Help

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Ask someone who has never smoked, and they’ll probably say the best way to stop smoking is just to stop. Just don’t buy cigarettes, don’t put one in your mouth, don’t light it up, and don’t smoke it. Simple, right?

That’s why we don’t ask lifelong non-smokers for quitting advice. Only those of us who’ve suffered the depths of nicotine withdrawal can possibly know how hard it is. There’s no easy way to quit smoking, and stopping cold turkey is one of the hardest ways of all.

That is, stopping cold turkey is one of the hardest ways to quit smoking without help. But when you have a partner, and when you use aids like smoking cessation hypnosis, going cold turkey is quick, simple, and more likely to stick. Assuming that you’ve already passed the “why quit smoking” phase and truly understand quit smoking benefits, start simply by saying “I want to quit smoking”.

Partners in Quitting

Technically, the person who helps you quit doesn’t have to be a smoker. They just have to be someone who can spend several days with you, and who can be equal parts supportive and strict. They need to be willing to put up with your irritability or bad moods, and need to have the toughness to stand firm during your moments of weakness.

But the best way to stop smoking is with another smoker who wants to quit. It’s important to trust each other, though. If one of you has a weaker desire to quit, it could end up sabotaging the whole thing. So make sure you both really, truly want to quit with every fiber of your being. If so, you’re in business.

Even better, if this person is your spouse, and if you live together, you’ll have an enormous chance of success.

Help Each Other Through It

To make this an easy way to quit smoking, there’s a few routes you can take, and they all involve taking time off work. As you probably know, work is full of smoking triggers, and it also pulls you away from your quitting partner. So if you have vacation time, use it. If not, you can always power through the work hours, and have your quitting partner keep close tabs during breaks and your commute.

One way to go is to barricade yourselves inside for 5-7 days. Get all the supplies you need, pile a bunch of furniture in front of the doors, and settle in for some long, hard days. Watch a lot of movies, catch up on creative projects, read books, do housework, practice smoking cessation hypnosis—anything to get your mind off the cravings and to avoid feeling sorry for yourself.

Another thing you can do is get far away from civilization. If you’re an outdoorsy person, plan a long camping trip with your quitting partner, and get as far out into the wilderness as you can before your cravings kick in. And stay away from high cliffs. I call it “quit smoking naturally” being closer to nature.

What happens when you stop smoking? Well, once you’re both in the throes of your cravings, that’s when the real work begins. Support each other, talk each other through it, and be the strong one when your partner is weak. If you don’t find this to be the best way to quit smoking, there’s a good chance that one of you just doesn’t want it badly enough.

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