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If You Want a Better Sex Life, Quit Smoking!

Find out how smoking affects your sex lifeA series of studies over the last few years has confirmed what was already common sense to most of us: If you want to have a good sex life, it’s time to take steps to quit smoking.

Are you still clinging to the old idea that smoking is sexy? If so, welcome to the modern world. That old-fashioned rebellious mystique may still be around, but it has nothing to do with walking around in a cloud of stink, having bad breath, bad skin, brown teeth, and coughing up gobs of phlegm every two minutes.

Nobody likes that—except maybe other smokers, but there are fewer of them all the time.

If you’re old, married, and settled in your ways, that’s one thing—but if you’re a young person who wants to swim in the dating pool, your nicotine habit could be killing your chances of hooking up. Time to really take a second look at the physical effects of smoking.

Male Impotence and Female “Impotence”

The worst news is for the  guys, and let’s not beat around the bush: Smoking makes you impotent. If you’re still in your sexual prime, it may not happen every time, but there will be occasions when you’ll have “failure to launch.” And when you’re dating someone and just getting into it for the first time, impotence can be an ego-shattering deal-breaker.

As for the ladies, when it comes to smoking and sex, let’s just say that the same blood-flow problems that affect men affect you too. It’s just not so physically obvious. When you smoke, you’ll have trouble getting aroused, which is bad for everyone.

And in case you haven’t noticed, smoking sucks the sensual pleasure out of things. It damages your senses smell and taste, which can really dull the sex experience. Also, the more addicted you are, the more bored you’ll be by things like sex, which won’t make your partner feel too great.

Smoking Makes You Unattractive

If all of that wasn’t bad enough, I haven’t even addressed the most important thing about how smoking affects your sex life. Maybe in your little circle of friends, smoking is still cool. But in the larger world, nobody likes it anymore. In fact, they find it ugly.

Have you been getting rejected for dates? If so, it’s probably because you walk around with a big label on your forehead saying “Filthy Smoker!” You may not think so, but believe me—we can smell you.

If this is news to you, it’s time to wake up. When a date is turned off by your smoking, they usually don’t tell you. You just never hear from them again, and you’re left alone, crying into your pillow and wondering why.

So here’s a stop smoking tip for you: once you go six months without smoking, you’ll understand. When you get around smokers you’ll wonder how you ever thought your old habit was okay. So, whether you stop smoking with hypnosis, use the patch, or go cold turkey, now is the time to make a stop-smoking plan.

If you don’t believe me, give it a try. You’ll thank me later.

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