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Your Beautiful Mind Will Help You Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking HypnosisNow, you have a very powerful mind. The most powerful part of your mind is the part that we call the creative mind.

The creative part of your mind may have worked against you in the past. This is the part of your mind that can generate some of the most sensibly, logical, and intelligent reasons why it is alright to smoke cigarettes.

I am sure that you have caught yourself in the past, working on justifying why it is alright on this one day to go on and keep smoking.

As of this moment I want you to think of that creative part of your mind kind of defecting. That’s right defecting to the other side with the help of hypnosis to quit smoking. To the side of you that truly needs, and wants to stop smoking now.

Imagine how effective you will be now, with that creative part of your mind now generating, positive, logical, and sensible reasons why you should quit smoking for good.

You Can Not Apply Logic To Quitting Smoking

You have stated that it seems odd to you that you have not been able to quit smoking on your own. Don’t feel bad. First nicotine is one of the most addictive chemicals in the country today. In fact nicotine has been proven to be more addictive than heroin, cocaine, or liquor. It is not more harmful, but it is more addictive in nature that any other chemical.

Most people have tried to become free of the smoking habit by using their logical mind. They say to themselves, these cigarettes are harming my health, they’re dirty, they smell, socially unacceptable, and they will take time off of my life, right, right…. I think I’ll have a cigarette….

Smoking is an illogical habit. I does not serve any useful benefit in our lives. So it is almost impossible to remove an illogical habit with logic.

Today, by using stop smoking hypnosis, you are tapping into the most powerful part of your mind. You are now using your own subconscious mind to become free of this illogical smoking habit.

Dialog After Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session


T: It looks like you really needed that. Breaking nicotine addiction is not easy.
You did very well, you have an excellent concentration
You really do have a good mind.
Wasn’t that a wonderful feeling?
Tell me, at what point in the session did you realize that you were hypnotized, was it when you could not open your eyes, or when your hand started to float up in the air, or was it when you became aware of that numbness?
C: No, I knew something was taking place, when you were talking- about my body feeling relaxed. I realized early on that I was hypnotized, or something was taking place.
T: Are you ready now to give it all you have to be a success at quitting smoking for good?
C: I am sure I will make it now.

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