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Today we’ll give you two more short essays from stop smoking analyst’s notepad. But before we do that, a couple of words on popular misconception about hypnosis to stop smoking.

Do You Really Know Anything About Hypnosis For Smoking Cessation

stop smoking nowSo many times people tend to associate hypnosis, and the hypnotic state with what they see on the television, or in movies.

Although they may be very intelligent individuals if their only experience of hypnosis has come from television, and movies, they tend to say to themselves, I know it can’t be that way but perhaps it is similar to what I have seen in the past.

This is only normal. If we do not have anything to compare hypnosis to, we would normally associate it with whatever past experiences that we have encountered.

I can remember one Saturday morning when I was sleeping in. My little girl came running into the bedroom, and said, “dad you have to get up. I have been watching cartoons, and the coyote is hypnotizing the poor roadrunner”.

On the cartoon they showed spirals coming from the coyotes eyes, with the roadrunner looking all glassy eyed, saying, I hear and obey.

So even as young children our first contact with hypnosis usually has some type of a mystique surrounding it.

In reality hypnosis is a very normal natural state, our stop smoking hypnosis section demystifies hypnosis for smoking cessation for those trying to quit smoking for good.

Notes From Two Short Stop Smoking Therapy Sessions


It’s Time To Retire Your Cigarettes

T: I would like to get a little information about your smoking habit.
T: How much have you been smoking up to this point?
C: About three packs a day.
T: Sounds like a professional smoker. If you are going to do something, you might as well do it right .
T: How long have you been smoking?
C: Around 25 years now.
T: That sounds like retirement time for cigarettes, doesn’t it?
C: I think it is past time.

Making It Easier For You To Quit Smoking, Mentally

T: How much do you smoke on a given day?
C: About two packs a day.
T: Most of the time is you smoking or not smoking?
C: Without a doubt most of the times I have a cigarette at least burning in the ashtray.
T: I see, if most of the time you were not smoking, it would probably make it even easier to quit smoking, wouldn’t it?
C: I’m sure it would be easier.
T: Let’s take a look at your smoking habit. You are smoking about 40 cigarettes a day. The national average for time smoking i8 five minutes per cigarette. 40 times 5 equals about 200 minutes of smoking or about 3 and a half-hours a day.
Let’s see there are 24 hours in a day, and you are smoking just under 3 and half-hours out of those 24. That means that 20 1/2 hours each day you are not smoking.
I guess in reality most of the time you are NOT smoking, are you?

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