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Word Of Honor: Stop Smoking Now

Quit Smoking NowToday we offer you another quick peek at the techniques that stop smoking therapists use during stop smoking hypnosis sessions.

Why are we revealing these intimate “secrets”? We strongly believe that, by simply reading through the notes of stop smoking therapy corner of our site, your subconscious mind will be subtly preparing for you to quit smoking for good on a day when you are really ready.

And now let’s read some notes of psychoanalyst from the stop smoking hypnotherapy session.

Quitting Smoking With Your Word Of Honor

As you continue relaxing even further now, I would like you to make a promise.

This is not a promise to me, or to another member of your family. This is a promise to yourself.

In fact I would like you to actually give your mental word of honor that you will now become a success at quitting smoking.

That’s right, give your mental word of honor that you are now ready to take control of your life and stop smoking for good.
Once you have given this mental word of honor, I would like you to simply, nod your head yes, and relax even further.

Now, without a doubt you will stop smoking and become a non-smoker. Not because I say so, but just simply because you have given your word of honor, and you are a positive, trustworthy individual. Already you are feeling good about this decision.

This positive feeling will continue growing stronger with each passing day.

Will every part of your mind and body make a promise to work with you to stop smoking now, in allowing you to become a non-smoker?

May I now have your word of honor that you will never again allow cigarettes to control your life?

Will you now give your word of honor that you will never again take a single puff, drag, or draw from a cigarette?

That’s good enough for me.

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