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Time Distortion Technique: Stop Smoking Therapy Mind Game

Quit Smoking NowRandom thoughts from the therapist’s notebook. Our perception of time and how it can help you quit smoking.

Time Distortion: Mental Stop Smoking Trick

You have many, many wonderful abilities that you have never totally discovered before. One of the abilities that you have, is an ability that we call “time distortion”

Time distortion is an ability that we have all used at one point in our lives.

There may have been a day when you were having a wonderful time over the weekend, and thought in your mind that it must be around a certain time of day. However, when you looked at your watch, it turned out to be much later than you had anticipated. You had totally lost track of time. This is an example of how time distortion can take place automatically.

Today we are going to use that same ability of time distortion in a specific manner.

When you have gone an hour without smoking, as far as effort it will feel as though it has only been a second.

When you have gone an entire day without smoking, as far will feel as though it has only been a minute.

When you have gone an entire week without smoking, as far as effort it will feel as though it has only been an hour.

So this time you will be totally successful at becoming a nonsmoker. An entire week of being a nonsmoker will seem like the same amount of effort that normally would have been experienced in an hour. A very small amount of effort, for such an important goal.

Mental Alarm Clock:  Set It Right

Too many times in our lives we tend to blame other events on the way that we are responding.

In reality our own thoughts play an important role in the way that we will be feeling, and the way that we will respond in our daily activities.

This situation may have happened to you at one time or the other.

Think about coming home late at night from a party, or a meeting. You are laying in bed, and notice that it is now 2:00 in the morning, and you need to get up at 6:00 a.m.

You say to yourself, I must get to sleep quickly. Of course the opposite tends to occur. You toss, and turn, and it is now 3:00 in the morning, and you even consider whether it is worth going to sleep for just three hours.

You think in your mind, how awful you will be feeling at work the next day. You think of how you will be dragging, and grumpy. You finally fall asleep. The alarm goes of at 6:00 a.m. You get up, turn off the alarm, and then remember that you only had three hours of sleep, so you put yourself on slump. You go to work moan, and complain about only having three hours of sleep, and you warn everyone to stay away from you, you are grumpy.

Now, the interesting question is. Were you dragging, and grumpy because of the three hours of sleep, or perhaps you were simply following your own suggestions.

What if, the same situation had occurred, but this time you were going on a picnic the next day. This time prior to entering sleep, you said to yourself, well I am only going to have three hours of sleep tonight, but I will have a great time tomorrow, and then tomorrow night I will sleep like a rock.

You would then wake up to the alarm, remember that you only had three hours of sleep, and recall your suggestion from the night before about having a great time today.

The night after the picnic, you would recall your own statements about sleeping like a rock. So you would fall asleep quickly, and sleep soundly.

Most situations, and responses in our lives may be traced back to a suggestion that we have given ourselves.

So, I would like you to only implant suggestions that will help you quit smoking for good.

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