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Stop Smoking Self-Hypnosis: Interesting Mind Games

Stop smoking therapists use different techniques to prepare your subconscious mind to quitting smoking. Today we offer you two essays from stop smoking analyst’s notebook about some aspects of stop smoking self-hypnosis.

Self-Hypnosis To Stop Smoking: The Color RED Will Help Prepare Your Brain To Quitting Smoking

self hypnosis to stop smokingYou will discover that after this session is over that the color RED will seem sharper, and more vivid to you than ever before.

Yes, the color RED RED RED will seem brighter and sharper to you than ever before.

Whether it would be a taillight, a stop light , color of a car, or clothing. It may be as small as a ladies nail polish or as large as a billboard, but the color RED RED RED will be more noticeable to you than ever before.

Each time your mind encounters the color RED, consciously, or subconsciously, your desire, determination, to quit smoking for good can and will keep growing stronger.

Now, you will not need to look for the color RED, but you notice it automatically. It will be sharp, bright, and clear to you.

Each and every time your mind sees the color RED, consciously, or subconsciously, your desire, and determination to succeed in quitting smoking will keep growing stronger.

Every suggestion, and instruction that I have shared with you today will continue working more effectively each time you see the color RED RED RED.

Making Mental Connection: Personalized License Plates And Quitting Smoking

I would like you to realize that you see so much more than you ever give yourself credit for.

Throughout your daily activities you are seeing, and subconsciously evaluating millions of objects without being aware of it. Your subconscious mind is always alert, and is recording information.

Now, if the information is unique or unusual, then we become consciously aware of the object, or event.

I am sure that there has been many times in your life that you were driving down the road, and found yourself reading or analyzing one of those personalized license plates. It may have been a name or a unique abbreviation.

We both know that when you are driving your car, you are not consciously saying to yourself, I will be on the look out for specialized license plates.

No, in fact you were not even consciously looking at any license plates initially. Your subconscious mind was evaluating, and recording everything that your eyes were seeing. Yes, regular, and personalized license plate alike.

When the subconscious mind encountered a unique license plate, it then brought this information to the conscious level of the mind, and then you consciously analyzed the plate.

Yes we see much more than we ever realize. So next time you see any personalized license plate on the road, remember your ultimate goal of quitting smoking cigarettes and staying smoke free.

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