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Quitting Smoking: Let’s Re-Visit Your First Cigarette

In Retrospect: What Can We Learn From Our First Cigarette.

quit smoking with hypnosisFrom the analyst’s notebook.


T: Did one of those cigarettes sneak up and get you?
C: Yes, I’m afraid so.
T: Tell me, what was happening when you picked up that first cigarette.
C: We were out at a party, and a friend of mine was smoking, and I took one of his.
T: When you picked up that first cigarette at the party, were you planning on going back to smoking?
C: No, I was just going to have one. I know that you told me that I couldn’t have one, but I really thought that I would have one that evening, and then never smoke again, but by the next day it was as though I had never quit at all. I guess I really made a mistake by trying that one.
T: You’ll find that we look at everything in a positive way. I don’t think we ever make any mistakes in our lives. So let’s mark that first attempt up as a good learning experience, and we will make sure that the one cigarette does not sneak up and get you.

Silly Dog With A Bone In His Mouth

Quit smoking nowI would like to share with you a story.  This is a story about a silly dog.

Although everyone loved this dog, there was one thing about him that no one could understand.  It seems that this dog carried a big white bone in his mouth, everywhere he went.  Although the dog looked silly with that bone hanging out of his mouth, and it was truly an inconvenience for him to make sure that he always had his bone with him, he never went anywhere without it.

One day after a rain shower, the dog was walking down the street and happened to catch a glimpse of himself in a puddle of water. As usual he had that silly old white bone in his mouth.

It was amazing how he looked at his reflection, as if, maybe for one of the first times in his life, he was seeing himself as others see him.

That dog dropped the bone to the ground, and started to walk away. He only took a step or two when he began to head back to get his bone. He looked at his reflection without the bone in his mouth, and walked right past the bone never looking back again.

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