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Quitting Smoking Hypnotherapy: How Your Subconscious Mind Responds

Quit Smoking NowThree Way To Respond To Hypnotic Suggestion

For example sake, during this session if I told you automatically, your right foot was going to float up into the air, it would simply begin to float upwards. Isn’t that amazing?

Now, today I am not going to make your foot float up in the air, but if I would tell you, that automatically your right foot would begin to lift up, there would only be three ways in which you could respond.

You could say to yourself, ” I really want this to work, so I’ll help it out,” and then consciously move your foot. I would not want you to do this.

The second way in which you could respond, is to say to yourself, ” I won’t let it move, and try to keep it from moving”. I wouldn’t want you to respond in that way either.

The third way, and the way that I would like you to respond is simply, relax, and allow things to take place.

Don’t try and make things happen, but don’t try and stop them either.

Let Your Subconscious Mind Tune In

You may have read, or heard before that we all have great mental abilities that we seldom use. Some people have difficulty in accepting the presence of something that they can not directly see. At this very moment, there is something in this room, that you can not see, hear or feel, but I assure you it is present.

This room is filled with hundreds of radio waves. That’s right in this very room we are actually being bombarded with radio waves. As you entered the office I am sure that you did not see them. Neither one of us felt these radio waves in the room.

We both could listen very intensely, but we can not hear them. In order to hear the radio waves, we must turn on a radio, and tune it in. All of us know how to turn on a radio, and how to tune it in to a station in order to hear the radio waves that were around us all the time.

Today you are going to learn to turn on, and tune in to your own subconscious ‘abilities. Just like the unused radio waves, you have many abilities that have been with you all along, but they were not utilized before today.

Quit Smoking Now

T: Therapist C: Client

T: I would like you to begin concentrating on the feeling in your right hand. As you concentrate on your right hand you will begin to notice a tingling sensation. As you begin to feel this tingling sensation, I want you to say the word yes, out loud.
T: Good, now notice how that tingling sensation is changing to a pulsating sensation of power, and confidence. As you begin to experience that pulsating sensation of power, and confidence, say the word yes again.
T: Excellent, now notice how that pulsating feeling is now changing into a throbbing sensation of total power. As you feel this throbbing sensation of total power, say the word yes out loud.
T: Now, as you know that you have the power to become free of this smoking habit forever, say the word yes out loud, and take control of your own life. In fact keep saying the word yes, until you know that the smoking habit is gone forever.

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