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Quitting Smoking: Changing Your Perspective

quit smoking now Today we would like you to read two short psychoanalyst’s notes that may change your perspective on quitting smoking.


You are a kind compassionate type of individual. If you would see someone in a wheel chair, you would feel sorry for them but you would also thank God that you have the ability to walk.

If you would see a person that was blind, that had lost their sight, you would feel sorry for them, but would also be relieved that you have ability to see.

If you would encounter, or hear of a person that needs a bottle of oxygen just to walk down the hallway, you would feel sorry for that person, but at the same time you would be so thankful that you had not destroyed your lungs.

So, from this moment on, when you see someone else smoking, you may feel slightly sorry for them, but you, will be pleased, and thankful that you have quit smoking today.

You Are In Control

You have decided that the time has come to be free of the smoking habit once and for all.

You are now realizing that there are no cigarettes anywhere in all of St. Louis that could push you back into the smoking habit again.

In fact there are no cigarettes anywhere in Missouri that could control your life, and push you, manipulate you back into smoking.

We can both agree then that there is not a cigarette anywhere in the country that could, or would dominate, control your life again.

From this very moment on there are no longer cigarettes anywhere in the world that could, or would dominate your life again.

You are in control of your own wonderful life.

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