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Quitting Smoking: Changing Chairs

If quitting smoking was as easy as as changing chairs. Of course it is not, but read these notes from the therapy session and you may want to change…your habits.

Quit smoking nowI realize that a few moments ago you walked in this office as a smoker.
You have been relaxing while sitting in this chair.
In fact it feels as though that very chair as somehow drained all stress, and tension right out of your body. It feels wonderful to allow that chair to take and keep the stresses of day.

It is now time to allow that chair to take away the smoking habit.
In the same way that you were able to feel the tension leave your body, and flow into that chair, all need for cigarettes will now be leaving your body, and remain in this very chair.

You will know as it begins to happen. Some people will know the smoking habit is leaving by a tingling feeling in the hands. Other people will notice a change in body temperature, or an increased need to swallow.
As you begin to notice any one of these three changes, simply nod your head yes.
It might be the tingling feeling, the change in body temperature, or the need to swallow. As you become aware of any one of these signals, nod your head yes.

That’s wonderful. All needs for cigarettes are rapidly leaving your body.

In just a moment, when I ask you to, I am going to have you open your eyes, stand up, and move to the chair to your right
When I ask you to make this change, you will be leaving all thoughts, and needs for cigarettes in the chair that you are presently sitting in. Now, you will be able to remain totally relaxed and at ease, even with your eyes open, and even while changing chairs.

When you sit back down in the other chair you will instantly close your eyes, relax, and be free of the smoking habit.

You will notice a pleasant change as you get away from the smoking habit and the chair that now holds your old smoking habit.

Remaining completely relaxed, and at ease, I would like you now to open your eyes, stand up, and go to the other chair.

Sit down, close your eyes, and enjoy the feeling of a nonsmoker.

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