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Memories Of Your First Cigarette May Help You Quit Smoking

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Alter Your Memories


T: I would like you to remember back to one of the first few cigarettes that you ever smoked.
T: As you begin to recall one of those first few cigarettes that you ever smoked, nod your head
yes, and relax even further.
T: Tell me about how old were you back then?
C: I was about 15 then.
T: I imagine that one of the reasons that you started smoking back then was to look older or
more mature, is that right.
C: Yes, we all wanted to look like sophisticated women back then.
T: Back then at age 15 the cigarettes served a purpose. They did make you look a little older
didn’t they.
C: We sure thought so.
T: Well the only time that you will ever smoke again is if you really want to look older. Of
course today 19 doubt that you want to look older than you are, do you?
C: No.

T: We both can agree then that you will never smoke again unless want to look older.


Now that you are ready to be a nonsmoker once and for all, BEWARE.

Beware, and do not allow any other person, male or female, family member, friend, co-worker,
neighbor, or associate, to try and directly or indirectly push you back into the smoking habit.

Beware, and do not allow any situations, circumstances, or set of events, whether they would be
calm, tranquil, and pleasant, or nervous, stressful, or rushed, to try and trick you back into this
smoking habit again.

Most important of all. BEWARE, and do not allow any thoughts, either your thoughts or some
one else’s thoughts, from the past, present or ever to arrive in your future, try to trick, or
manipulate you back into this silly old smoking habit again.

You will now beware of any, and all possible situations, statements, circumstances, events,
thoughts, and individuals that could possibly push you back into smoking.

You will never need to smoke again. You are now in control of your own life, and behaviors.

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