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Failure To Quit Smoking: Are We Conditioned Like Zoo Elephants

From the notebook of stop smoking analyst.

Why Quitting Smoking Is So Difficult: Give It 100% To Win

Quitting Smoking: Are We Conditioned To CigarettesI would like to share with you a little story that illustrates how powerful our minds really are.

In this story a young boy went to a circus with his father. The young boy noticed a full-grown elephant that had a rope tied to his leg. The other end of the rope was tied to a wooden stake driven into the ground.

The young boy asked his father, “couldn’t that big elephant pull that stake out of the ground if he really wanted to”?

The father explained, how when the elephants are just babies, they would attach a heavy chain to their leg, and hook that chain to an iron rod driven deep into the ground. The baby elephants would pull, and tug trying to get away, but they could not escape. The little elephants became so conditioned to failures, that now you could simply tie a cloth line around their leg, and hold it in your hand. Today as soon as the elephant feels the slightest resistance, he stops trying.

Now, we both know what would happen if that elephant ever gave it 100 % to get free, he would be gone.

Many times we as human being have failed so many times that perhaps we never honestly give it a 100 % to win.

Well, today you are going to give it 100 % one more time to accomplish .

To Quit Smoking: Do We Need Pep-Talk, Incentive…Or Kick In The Butt

You are a very intelligent person. You knew, just as I knew that some day you were going to become a nonsmoker once and for all.
You knew all along that you were not going to become an eighty-year-old (grandmother) sitting in a rocking chair, gasping away on a cigarette.

How ridiculous that would be.

So, it really has not even been a case of whether or not you were going to become a nonsmoker, but simply a matter of when, and how.

You have answered both of these questions here now today. This is your day to become totally free, of that smoking habit. This is the day that you have chosen.

You are doing this for your own benefit, and personal well being, so this means that you can, and you will be successful as of today.
Never again will you need, or have to smoke.

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