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Applying Logic To Quitting Smoking: Dissecting Your Minutes Of Enjoyment


Stop Smoking Now With HypnosisT: How long does it take you to smoke a cigarette?
C: About five Minutes
T: Do you believe that smoking is harmful to your health
C: Yes.
T: Do you ever experience shortness of breath?
C: Sometimes.
T: Have you ever burned clothing or other objects?
C: Yes, many times before.
T: Could you find something to do with the money you would be saving?
C: Sure I could.
T: Many smokers tell me that it is becoming a headache to smoke, do you agree?
C: Oh yes, it’s becoming harder to find a place to smoke.
T: Tell me have you ever heard that smoking will decrease your life span?
C: Yes, I have.
T: Wouldn’t it be nice to set a positive example for your children?
C: Yes, they hate it when I smoke.
T: As you shared with me earlier you have been smoking about 2 packs a day. Most people who smoke as much as you realize that the majority of their smoking is simply a habit that they really don’t think about. The phone rings, and they reach for a cigarette. They start the car and reach for a cigarette.
T: However they do say that there are a few cigarettes that they truly enjoy. Maybe after a meal, or with a cup of coffee.
T: If you were going to be honest with yourself, how many cigarettes do think you really get enjoyment from
C: Maybe four or five.
T: Let’s spend a moment and look at your smoking logically rather than emotionally. As you have said yourself, it takes you about 4 or 5 minutes to smoke a cigarette. As you have also told me there may be 4 or 5 that you really do enjoy. That means you are getting about 25 minutes of enjoyment from smoking.
As we both agree it is effecting your health, but what is your health as long as you can have 25 minutes of enjoyment. You burn a few pieces of clothing, furniture, it’s becoming a headache to smoke, and you get a little shortness of breath, but what’s breathing.
You spend about $2000.00 a year, but you make a lot of money. It is a bad example or your children, and it will probably take 5 to 10 years off of your life, but what’s living as long as we can have 25 minutes of enjoyment.
T: Don’t you agree.
C: Not hardly.

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