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When I talk to people about how I stopped smoking, they often seem confused about how hypnosis for smoking works. In fact, they’re often confused about hypnosis in general, as there are a lot of very common misconceptions. That’s why, before you begin, it’s important to clear your mind of everything you think you know about the process. It’s not just that vaguely interesting but mostly silly thing you’ve seen on TV. It’s a real, scientifically proven process, and it can have profound therapeutic benefits.

So, everything you’ve heard about hypnosis? Forget about it. Start fresh today. Pretend you’ve never even heard of it. Trust me, this will make it so much easier for you. And when you start your first stop smoking hypnosis session, you’ll be able to keep an open mind.

Why Do You Smoke?

Because it’s important to have no expectations for your hypnosis sessions, I won’t go into too much detail about the actual process. But I can give you the basics of what hypnosis for smoking cessation does to your brain, and why it helps reduce cravings.

There’s really only one reason why you smoke. It’s because smoking sets a certain chemical pattern inside of your brain. To get slightly technical for a moment, nicotine stimulates dopamine. After months and years of smoking, your habitual nicotine use reduces your body’s natural ability to create dopamine. After you quit, your body eventually regains this ability, but it can take a while. This lag time is what creates that lovely feeling we call withdrawal.

Basically, all I’m saying is, no matter how many smoking triggers you have, they all come down to the same thing: Your body wants its dopamine, and it wants it now.

How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis for smoking does two things to help you deal with these cravings. First, it gives you strength to deal with these cravings. Second, it shortens your withdrawal period by replacing your old habitual dopamine stimulus with something new.

If you truly want to quit smoking, stop smoking hypnotherapist or stop smoking hypnosis mp3 sessions will make it easier for you to get through those moments of weakness when every fiber of your being is telling you to go out and get cigarettes as soon as possible. In the midst of these moments, you’ll feel a strength that you never knew you had. And if the hypnosis has worked as it should, you may not even realize that your strength comes from your hypnotherapy sessions. It won’t just feel real; it will be real.

Meanwhile, lots of people who stop smoking with hypnosis also say that there’s another feeling that washes over them every time they have a craving. As soon as they realize that they have the strength not to smoke, they begin to feel great. They feel warm inside: content, even happy.

This feeling is real, but it’s also a direct result of your stop smoking hypnosis. It’s because, in efforts to stop smoking through hypnosis, you’ll train yourself to feel good about beating your cravings. This will stimulate your natural dopamine response so that, in a funny way, after you quit smoking with hypnotherapy you’ll become addicted to not having nicotine in your body. No other quitting methods do this, so give hypnosis a try.

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