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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy: An “Alternative” Treatment that Works

Hypnosis To Stop Smoking

In mainstream websites on methods for quitting smoking, stop smoking hypnotherapy always gets banished to the “Other” or “Alternative” category, if it gets mentioned at all. But to those of us who have had success using hypnosis to quit smoking, this is baffling. I know, because I’m one of them.

There is absolutely no doubt that smoking cessation hypnosis works. In fact, for some people, it works infinitely better than mainstream methods. So, why is it that those shoddy quitting products get so much promotion, while stop smoking hypnotherapy is treated like some unproven method for weirdoes?

Unfortunately, there are lots of people who have a vested interest in keeping things this way. Nicotine replacement gums, patches, inhalers, nasal sprays, and lozenges are big business, as are the types of pills prescribed for nicotine addiction. Lots of people make millions off these things, while the so-called “alternative” methods don’t bring in lots of dough. You can’t get rich by selling quit smoking hypnosis cd.

If you think this sounds like a conspiracy theory, look at the numbers. Quitting smoking is a billion-dollar industry. Hypnosis to quit smoking can be done for free, if used as self hypnosis audio program, so of course it’s dismissed by the mainstream.

Why Other Quitting Methods Don’t work

I won’t bore you with my life story, but before I turned to smoking cessation hypnosis, I think I’d tried every other quitting method there is. I tried going cold turkey. I tried gradually reducing my habit. I tried patches and gums. I tried three different types of prescription drugs. I tried counseling. I tried support groups.

Some of these methods helped for a little while, but they were never enough to give me the strength to get through those moments of weakness. The problem was that I could be strong for a few days, weeks, or even months, but there would always come that rough day of stress, emotion, or boredom. The nicotine demons would take over, and then it would be beyond my power to resist smoking.

Every long-time smoker has this problem. Anyone who’s never been addicted to anything can’t understand it. You get to that moment where your will power ceases to function, and nothing can stop you from going out for that pack of cigarettes and lighting up. And the worst part? This moment feels really, really good.

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking is Different

Stop smoking hypnotherapy takes this problem out of the equation. Hypnosis places anti-smoking attitudes deep into your unconscious mind. When you truly want to quit, these attitudes become even more powerful than your urge to smoke.

At first, I went to a real therapist for my smoking cessation hypnosis, and it was a very positive experience. But while my therapist was great, I didn’t have tons of money to spare for regular sessions. So I looked into free self-hypnosis, and I found that there are some good programs out there.

In fact, doing it at home for free was even more effective than working with a hypnotherapist. I was able to do it on my own, which meant that I didn’t feel nervous or self-conscious about being induced into a hypnotized state. I was able to go along with the stop smoking hypnotherapy without any worries.

It worked, and I believe hypnosis for smoking can work for anyone. Yes, you can quit smoking by hypnosis. So, stop paying for those ineffective mainstream methods, and try hypnosis to quit smoking right here on this site.

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