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See Matt Damon & Other Celebrities Stop Smoking Cigarettes And Cannabis With Hypnosis

We decided to include this video on our site to make a point. It shows lots of Hollywood Stars kick their smoking habit. Some have not only quit smoking cigarettes but also stopped smoking cannabis.

“Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis are the most effective ways of giving up smoking. A 2005 study of 72,000 smokers from Europe and the US, reported in the Journal of Applied Psychology, showed that hypnosis came top as the most effective therapy in helping people to give up smoking.” Guardian Unlimited; 7 Jan, 2006

Twenty-six weeks after leaving the hospital, the results show that 50 percent of smokers who used hypnotherapy alone or in combination with nicotine replacement therapy, compared with 16 percent who used nicotine replacement therapy alone, became non-smokers. WebMD; 23 Oct, 2007

In 1992 a meta-analysis by Frank Schmidt and Chockalingam Viswesvaran reviewed 48 studies, covering 6020 subjects. They found that the average quit rate for those using hypnosis was 30%.

Numerous studies have shown that the success for stopping smoking using hypnotherapy is much higher than nicotine replacement products. In 1968 Von Dedenroth reported in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis a stop smoking success rate of 94% over an 18-month period.

Hollywood celebrities Samuel Jackson, Ellen Degeneres, Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore and Ben Affleck have all used hypnosis to quit smoking. Thousands of people quit smoking with hypnosis every year but hypnotherapists receive no help from governments, charities or health institutions anywhere in the world they all insist on clinical trials, which they will not fund, and ignore self-evident truth.

Every meta-study ever conducted on the most effective method of overcoming addictions, such as smoking, puts hypnotherapy leaps ahead of all other methods. Even with such overwhelming evidence, the medical profession continues to ignore these results as unscientific. Real world results (undeniable self-evident truth) are ignored in favor of clinical studies (designed for victory not truth).

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