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How I Stopped Smoking With Hypnosis – Now Get The Same Full Length Hypnosis Session Free

Stop Smoking With HypnosisIf you are reading this post, you are probably one of many people for whom question ‘how to quit smoking’ has not been answered yet. I used to be in your shoes, and as a former chain smoker I know what you are going through.  You know that stopping smoking is very easy…you’ve been probably doing it 20 times a day.

When I made the conscious decision to quit smoking I realized that physical addiction to nicotine is just one part of the equation. Mental dependence on the whole ritual of smoking is much harder to overcome.

I don’t want to bore you with all the gory  details of my struggle, but after being on quit smoking products like nicotine patches and gum for over a year with mixed results I stumbled upon something that helped me kick the habit for good. You probably heard of stop smoking hypnosis as a way that helped many celebrities, such as Samuel Jackson, Ellen Degeneres, Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore and Ben Affleck among others, to quit smoking. Being skeptical and desperate at the same time, I decided to give it a try. Instead of fighting nicotine addiction with other nicotine products, why don’t I try natural stop smoking aids and quit smoking hypnotherapy?

So I listened at least 10 times to the very same full length Stop Smoking Hypnosis Sessions, performed by certified stop smoking hypnotherapists Jesse Berg and Steven B. Schneider, that we now offer you for free. And here I am – smoke free for the last 11 months.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis SessionWhen we acquired distribution rights for this Stop Smoking Hypnosis CD, we were thinking of ways to make it available to everybody. We also wanted people who really need it to use it without spending a penny. A friend of mine suggested a compromise that allows you to access these full length Free Quit Smoking Hypnosis sessions after completing one short survey of your choice, which unlocks content for 48 hours. I understand that for some even this is a burden, but I believe it’s a win-win situation because it strengthens your commitment to Stop Smoking For Good.

Before you dive into this, I need to warn you that your commitment to quitting smoking is required. Of course, you can casually check out this hypnosis for smoking cessation to see if it’s right for you, but to get the real benefit You Must Want to Stop Smoking. Period.

Please read all the useful stop smoking tips and advice on this site. They will help you define your quit smoking plan, find answers to your questions regarding different stop smoking methods, and demystify stop smoking hypnosis for you.

I hope you’ll have the same results as I experienced after several stop smoking hypnosis sessions.  Hypnosis to quit smoking works, so please give it a try. It’s free and the only thing to lose is this nasty habit. Start Your Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Now!!!

To Your Success!!!

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One Response to “ How I Stopped Smoking With Hypnosis – Now Get The Same Full Length Hypnosis Session Free ”

  1. Ned on January 17, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    Great site, thank you. I wish I had all this information 10 years ago. As a long time smoker who quit, I agree that to clear your brain from smoke (so to speak) is sometimes more difficult than to clear your body from nicotine. Self hypnosis truly helped me quit along with other stuff, and what’s more important it helped me preserve my sanity after quitting. Thanks again, Ned.

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