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Before I used hypnosis to stop smoking, I didn’t know anything about how hypnosis works. To be honest, if you’d asked me before, I probably would have said that hypnosis is just a bunch of nonsense. I associated it with those guys on TV who snap their fingers and make audience members act like chickens. I knew it was a real thing, but I didn’t think it had any real purpose.

In fact, before I tried to stop smoking with hypnosis, I didn’t think I could be hypnotized. Not that I’d ever tried it, but I felt pretty sure that as soon as the guy started dangling his gold watch in front of my eyes, I’d be too wrapped up in thinking how silly it was to be affected by it.

Of course, I now understand that hypnosis doesn’t actually have to involve some guy with a gold watch. In reality, you don’t need another person at all, it’s pretty much self-hypnosis for stop smoking. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s start with the basics.

How does quit smoking hypnosis work?

In all hypnosis, there are three stages: induction, suggestion, and post-hypnosis. Induction is the part where the hypnotist—or, in the case of free stop smoking hypnosis, the recording of stop smoking hypnosis cd or MP3 —eases you into a hypnotized state.

I used to think that being under hypnosis was like a trance or sort of like being half-asleep and not in control of yourself, but this is just a myth. It’s actually more like a heightened state of awareness, except you sort of block out everything besides what the hypnotist is saying when you quit smoking by hypnosis.

Then, during the suggestion stage, because you’re so focused on what’s being said, the words break through your usual mental blocks and go straight to your unconscious mind, where they get embedded. It’s sort of like receiving good advice from a trusted friend, but it goes even deeper than that.

Finally, if everything has gone as it should, stop smoking hypnosis will have you better prepared, intellectually and emotionally, to deal with the post-quitting period.

Does quit smoking hypnosis work for everyone?

Unfortunately, not everyone who tries to stop smoking with hypnosis has success. This is because some people are more susceptible to hypnosis than others. But the folks who study these things have found that people who think they’re not susceptible to hypnosis often turn out to be the most susceptible, and vice-versa. So, you’ll never know if stop smoking hypnosis works for you until you stop doubting and just try it.

Personally, I think I’m only moderately susceptible to hypnosis, but it still worked for me. After I started using it, the effects weren’t immediately obvious, but as the days went by, I found that I was dealing with cravings better than I ever had before during years of failed quitting attempts.

I think it comes down to the fact that I truly wanted to quit. If there’s still that little voice in the back of your mind saying that you like smoking and that you’re not actually ready to quit, then of course hypnosis won’t work. But if you’re truly committed, then you can stop smoking with hypnosis. It’s the easiest way to quit smoking. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest and most permanent quitting smoking methods out there, so try it for free here. Do yourself a favor – get free help, quit smoking with hypnosis today.

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