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The Great Nicotine Conspiracy: Who Is Keeping You Addicted? The Answer Will Surprise You

Stop your addiction to nicotine with stop smoking hypnotherapyWhat if I were to tell you that there are huge companies making billions of dollars off Americans’ smoking habits? You’d think I was talking about the tobacco companies, right?

Wrong. Yes, the tobacco companies make billions helping people kill themselves. Everyone knows that. But then there’s also those companies, which shall remain nameless, that  make billions peddling faulty, ineffective quit-smoking products. I’m talking about nicotine patches, nicotine gum, nicotine lozenges, and all the other nicotine replacement products.

These guys may not be quite as evil as the tobacco companies, but they’re accessories to the crime.

You’re Addicted to Nicotine, not Smoking

When you’re addicted to smoking, it’s not the cigarette that you’re addicted to. It’s not the routine, the flavor, or even the tobacco. What sucks you in and keeps you a loyal customer is the nicotine—that insidious little chemical that slowly turns your soul into a charred lump of coal. But you probably know how addictive is nicotine.

Tobacco companies know that it’s all about the nicotine. That’s why, for decades, they’ve been pumping more and more nicotine into their products, making new breeds of tobacco that yield more of the addictive stuff. This is no whack-job conspiracy theory. It’s all been documented.

So, if you want to quit smoking, what you’re really going to have to do is say, “So long, nicotine!” End the abusive relationship once and for all.

Nicotine Replacement Products Keep You Addicted

Quit Smoking with no Nicotine WithdrawalThe people who make quit smoking aids like nicotine patches and gum have a little trick up their sleeve, and it’s so genius that they don’t even have to hide it. What they do is keep you addicted, and they trick you into thinking that this is a good way to quit.

In reality, stop  smoking patches and nicotine gum aren’t designed to help you quit. That would go against the interests of the companies that make them. For them, the ideal situation is for you to use their product for a while but fail to stop smoking in the long run. And when you relapse, they want you to think that it’s your own personal weakness, and that it has nothing to do with their products being faulty.

Think about it: If you succeed at quitting, will you ever buy nicotine replacement products again? Of course not. If these nicotine products actually helped you quit, it would be like a shampoo company making a product that keeps your hair clean forever. It would be a nice product, but that company would soon lose all its business.

In short, for these companies, helping you quit smoking is just bad for business.

Don’t Believe the Hype

Talk to all the smokers and ex-smokers you know, and ask them if they’ve tried nicotine replacement products. Out of everyone who says yes, 90% will say that these products didn’t work.

So why do people still buy them? It’s because, up until now, we Americans have always been suckers for advertising. All a company had to do was make a few polished ads and have nice packaging that made bold claims, and we’d lay our money down for whatever they were selling.

Those days are gone. Now, we see through the phony advertising practices of sham nicotine products. You need help with nicotine withdrawal, and not to feed your nicotine addiction.

Make a statement: Quit smoking with hypnosis. Go cold turkey, and do it right. Recruit friends. Just don’t become a victim of nicotine conspiracy, unless you like paying money for nothing.

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