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Stop Smoking Aids: No More Self-Sabotage

Stop Smoking Aids - Hypnosis to Quit SmokingIf you’ve tried every commercial stop smoking aid and all have failed you, there might be a surprising reason for this. Sure, maybe these products just aren’t very good, but there’s probably another factor in the equation: If stop smoking aids haven’t worked for you, maybe you just weren’t ready to quit yet.


I know it can be infuriating when someone claims to know more about your own thoughts and feelings than you do. But when it comes to addiction, many of us simply aren’t attuned to our own inner workings. This is just a basic symptom of the illness.

With smoking, many people who take actions to quit do so not because they want to quit, but because they think they should want to. There’s a lot of pressure to quit these days, and family and friends can add extra pressure, but some people just aren’t psychologically ready to make the plunge. So, they prolong the process with repeated half-attempts to quit, failing over and over until they’re truly ready.

In other words, many smokers want to want to quit, but they don’t want to quit. They are too concerned about quitting smoking side effects. They keep asking questions like “what happens when you quit smoking” or “can you function normally after you quit smoking”? Or they are browsing various quit smoking resources and trying numerous stop smoking products without true mental commitment to quit. In short, they are engaged in self-sabotaging the effort of quitting smoking.

If you’ve tried and failed many times, then you might recognize yourself in what I’m saying. Maybe you took certain actions so that it would appear to all the world that you were trying to quit, and maybe you even believed on some level that you where trying—but deep down, you planned to fail.

Quit Smoking Aids = Self-Sabotage Aids

This is the real purpose of quit smoking aids like nicotine gum and patches. Sure, a small percentage of people may actually have success in quitting with them, but mostly these products are the greatest thing that ever happened to smokers who, consciously or unconsciously, aren’t ready to stop.

Think about it. If you truly want to quit smoking, this means you want to be done with nicotine, right? You want to purge it from your system, end the addiction, and never come into contact with the evil chemical again. So, if you truly wanted to quit, why would you keep dosing yourself with the very substance you’re trying to stop using? It just doesn’t make sense.

The only logical conclusion is that gums and patches aren’t quitting aids so much as nicotine substitution products to give people a temporary break from smoking.

Alternatives to Stop Smoking Aids

When you’re ready to quit for real, you’ll want nothing more than to swear off all nicotine and to go cold turkey. But since going cold turkey is just about the most difficult thing in the world, there are other, non-chemical stop smoking aids to help you get through it.

There are professionals who can help you quit. For example, therapists who specialize in addiction can help strengthen your resolve, and things like acupuncture or stop smoking hypnosis programs can have surprisingly positive effects. These are typically considered “alternative” treatments by the mainstream, but they can be amazingly effective for anyone who has a real desire to slay the nicotine monster once and for all.

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